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Dear CSC scholarship students,


According to the notice from the China Scholarship Council, the annual review for the Chinese Government Scholarship for the year 2024 will soon begin. Chinese Government Scholarship students who will continue their studies at school in the next academic year (starting from September 2024), including Ph.D. graduates who need to apply for an extension of their study period and cannot graduate on time in July 2024, should participate in the selection on time.


It is not allowed for those who are in the suspension of schooling to apply for the scholarship.



1. 评审内容包括奖学金生的道德品行、学习成绩、学习/科研态度、活动表现。最终的评审结果为合格和不合格。评审合格的学生,将在下一学年度继续享受奖学金资格。评审不合格的学生的奖学金资格将会被中止或者取消。

The annual review will be conducted based on the moral behaviour , academic performance, learning or research attitude and participation in extracurricular activities. The evaluation opinions are divided into two types: qualified and unqualified. Those with a total score of 60 or above will be regarded as qualified. For those students who are not qualified, China Scholarship Council will suspend or cancel the scholarships.

2. 中文授课学生尽可能中文填写,英文授课学生可用英文填写。

Students taught in Chinese shall fill in the application form in Chinese as much as possible, and students taught in English can fill in the application form in English.

3. 5 月17日前学生登录网站完成自评(学生在自我评估前须在网站内完成问卷)

CSC students should log in https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/ through CSC number, enter the annual self-evaluation of scholarship, fill in the Chinese government scholarship evaluation questionnaire, complete the self-evaluation information, upload additional materials and then click submit before 24: 00 (Beijing time) on May 17, 2024.



Visit CSC website https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/ , and select the page language.


Select Login with CSC No., enter your CSC number, password, and the verification code, and then click the Sing in button.


Select “Annual review of scholarship”


Enter the page, fill in the relevant contents as required, and upload the transcript and other attachment information. (Please complete the Chinese government scholarship evaluation questionnaire before self-evaluation.)

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